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  • Lisa Roberts

New (old) book!

I'm excited to share the release of a new, updated edition of my popular kids' breathing and mindfulness book, Breathe, Chill. Originally published in 2014, this new and updated edition features 70 kid-and-teen-friendly mindful breathing, meditation, and relaxation activities. The updated version is divided into five sections to help you locate the right activity to support your child's needs, and features accessible, easy-to-follow, and kid-friendly instructions and illustrations.

Why a new edition? Glad you asked, as this is the super-exciting part! A companion book, Breathe, Chill 2 is slated for release in February 2022, and will feature 90 new and unique mindfulness activities for kids of all ages and abilities, including arts, crafts and games.

With both books on your shelf, you will have access to 160 kid-and-teen friendly mindfulness tools that will impact your children, and the children you work with, for life.

Happy breathing, moving, stretching, playing!

Lisa Roberts xo


Available in print and kindle formats

And stay tuned!

Breathe, Chill 2: 90 MORE breathing and mindfulness techniques for calm, focused, & happy kids (and teens too!)



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