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  • Lisa Roberts

Play, Don't Teach

Teaching – any subject – is an art and science. It requires passion, knowledge, dedication, and, when it comes to teaching children, the ability to create a little magic to keep kids engaged and interested. The key to encouraging younger children to move their bodies and breathe mindfully lies in weaving wellness practices into a story or theme.

To plan successful Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness journeys for children, the most important advice I can offer is to capture imaginations and sweep kids up in an adventure. Create interesting, fun storylines and believe in what you create; jump right in and play out the story with the children as opposed to standing at the front of a room and trying to teach. Play, don’t teach is my motto. Of course, you are teaching valuable and beneficial life-skills, but delivering them in a well-wrapped package of play. An effective learning (and teaching) tool, play encourages participation and supports processing and retention. Fun for you, fun for them, beneficial for all.

Please enjoy the following FREE kid-friendly Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness videos for kids based on my storybook The Mountain That Longed to be Different.

Happy stretching, moving, breathing, playing. Mindfully, of course.

Lisa Roberts xoxo


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