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adult wellness seminars

demonstrating how employees can integrate vital wellness skills into their daily routines

 Led by pediatric yoga therapist and author, Lisa Roberts, employee wellness seminars are offered in person and virtually to employee groups. All presentations, webinars and/or online meetings are live and interactive, allowing your employees to ask questions and interact directly with Lisa Roberts as they gain valuable skills to make personal wellness a priority.

employees will learn...

  • How to turn routine daily tasks into mindfulness opportunities

  • Effective seated stretching routines suitable for the office setting

  • How to identify sensory triggers that either support or deflect mindfulness

  • How to shift automatic responses from reactive to reflective to effective

seminar options

Explore our program options below to find the perfect wellness program for your employees.

option 1

Meditation for Busy Adults

You’ve heard about the benefits of meditation, but simply do not have time to add one more thing to your overloaded “to do” list? Well, think again. This seminar demystifies and simplifies meditation for busy adults. Identify effective methods to bring mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine without changing a thing. Manage stress and remain focused, centered and present throughout the day, no matter how busy you are.

Employees will learn how to: 

  • Turn routine daily tasks into meditation opportunities

  • Identify sensory triggers that either support or deflect mindfulness

  • Shift automatic responsive from reactive to reflective to effective

option 2

Hit Reset:

Movement, mindfulness, and meditation in the workplace

Physical and mental stress in the workplace negatively impacts employee well-being, morale, and ultimately, productivity.  The human body was not designed to sit at a desk, in a car, or hunched over a computer for long hours; it has been scientifically proven that the brain’s ability to focus on tasks diminishes without appropriate and regular mental breaks. Working long hours without physical activity and regular mental breaks is counterintuitive to a healthy and productive work environment. Hitting the reset button throughout the day will keep you fresh, focused, and feeling good, all while supporting creative, strategic thinking and the ability to process and retain new information.

Hit Reset includes tools and techniques that can be accessed throughout your work day to provide essential brain and body breaks to reduce physical tension, improve posture, counter repetitive movements and body positioning, increase blood flow and boost oxygen levels to the body and brain. Q&A time allows participants to ask how to adapt techniques to their unique work environment.


Employees will learn: 

  • Exercises to counter eye strain from computer use

  • Techniques to counter repetitive movements and sedentary body posture

  • Deactivate stress breathing patterns and focus the mind

  • Accessible breathing and meditation techniques that can be practiced anywhere

  • Effective seated stretching routines suitable for the office setting

Adult Wellness Seminar Options
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All corporate wellness trainings are led by our founder, Lisa Roberts.

Lisa is an E-RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) and RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher). Entering the pediatric wellness field in 2006, she founded YoYo Yoga LLC in 2011, and developed specialized training tracks for pediatric professionals and parents that embrace accessibility.

In 2011, she founded and continues to lead a successful inpatient therapeutic yoga program at a major children’s hospital in St. Louis, MO.  Her professional development and consulting services support professionals in clinical and non-clinical environments to develop skills that can be implemented immediately in their work with children. 

Half, full, and multi-day trainings are offered in person at your organization or online. Choose from our professional development course options, or let us create a custom training to meet the continuing education needs of your staff and the populations you serve.

looking to earn professional development credit?

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