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tools to help kids calm down, relieve stress, and achieve greater mindfulness


Learn to help kids calm down, destress, and build confidence with yoga and meditation-based activities! Our books include fun, engaging exercises to help them learn movement, mindfulness, and meditation effortlessly.


Our yoga-based movement videos for kids activate the imagination and help kids relax and have fun! Choose from dozens of themed videos that make moving fun! Plus chair-accessible videos for kids!



Our guided audio tracks will help kids and big kids alike tap into their imagination, breathe well, relax deeply, and feel great. Discover your inner superhero, feel your firefly’s belly glow, play in the snow, melt in the sun, relax on a beautiful beach, explore your colorful inner Rainbow, and much, much more.

teaching tools

Free yourself from time consuming planning and focus on what you love to do… Making a difference, helping kids! Our well-designed teaching tools get kids moving and support kinesthetic learning. Fun and simple to use, YoYo teaching tools were created with all levels and abilities in mind, simplifying planning and providing multiple lesson plans in one simple tool. 

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with these tools, your kids can learn how to...

  • relieve stress and achieve greater mindfulness using movement, meditation, and mindfulness

  • calm and center themselves using meditation and breathing techniques

  • cultivate mindfulness to love and appreciate who they are and increase their confidence

watch training

webinars on demand

Learn to teach Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness online and at your own pace with our online webinars. Click below for all our webinar options!

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