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Story Time

teach your kids Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness at home

Learn Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness techniques to help your kids handle stress and anxiety, focus and communicate better, and face every day situations with more confidence and self-appreciation!


Movement, Meditation,

and Mindfulness can

help kids who...

  • Have trouble sitting still or focusing

  • Experience restricted mobility

  • Need to improve confidence or communication

  • Have trouble socializing or communicating with others

  • Are facing the stress of difficult circumstances


MMM tools for families!


Learn how to help your kids calm down, destress, and build confidence with yoga and meditation-based activities! Our books include fun, engaging exercises for the whole family!


Our yoga, meditation, and mindfulness videos for kids activate the imagination and help kids relax and have fun! Choose from dozens of themed videos that make moving as a family fun!



Our guided audio tracks help kids and big kids alike tap into their imagination, breathe well, relax deeply, and feel great! 



Our teaching flashcards get kids moving and are fun and easy to use! Kids learn to practice yoga and mindfulness techniques, all while moving their body to make the shape of their favorite letter or number!

Family Resources
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explore our online learning options!

Learn Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness techniques to use at home with our online webinars. Click below for all our webinar options!

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looking for more resources or individual training?

Contact us for a private family consultation to learn Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness techniques that fit your family's unique needs and daily challenges.

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