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Children in Yoga Class

Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness benefits people of

all ages and abilities!

Training Program Options
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  • Supports the development of gross motor skills and coordination

  • Improves mobility, stability, strength, flexibility and balance

  • Supports physical development, muscle tone and conditioning

  • Supports bilateral movement

  • Develops mind-body awareness

  • Builds listening and communication skills

  • Supports sensory development and processing

  • Provides balance of sensory input to organize and relax the nervous system, modulate energy flow and arousal levels

  • Balances brain hemispheres


  • Improves the ability to focus, learn and concentrate

  • Develops present moment awareness (mindfulness)

  • Reduces stress and anxiety levels

  • Provides tools for self-regulation and the ability to modulate moods, emotions and reactions

  • Increased learning: ability to focus, process and retain information


  • Develops self regulation skills (think, calm and relaxed kiddos!)

  • Supports and balances the autonomic nervous system

  • Mindful breathing techniques support speech development, tone and stabilize the core, improve posture and increase oxygen levels

  • Provides tools to practice compassion, mindfulness and generosity

  • Increased learning: ability to focus, process and retain information

These combined techniques help kids develop

mind-body awareness and build self-esteem, encouraging self reflection and acceptance.

Training Program Options
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