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Kids with Capes

helping kids thrive!

Help kids manage stress, gain confidence, find focus, and more with our Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness resources and trainings!

Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness skills help kids handle life's greatest challenges


why Movement, Meditation, 

+ Mindfulness

for kids?

Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness (MMM) is beneficial for children of all ages- and even adults! Movement supports the development of gross motor skills and coordination. Mindfulness develops self regulation skills and supports and balances the autonomic nervous system. And meditation improves the ability to focus and learn and reduces stress and anxiety levels.

help your kids destress, focus, and handle every day with confidence!

Family First!

Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness techniques are great for kids who have trouble sitting still and focusing, experience restricted mobility, have trouble socializing or communicating with others, or are facing the stress of difficult circumstances.

Family Moments

invest in employee


Our employee wellness seminars teach Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness techniques that can be used in the workplace and at home to destress, reflect, and reset.


All virtual presentations, webinars, and online meetings are live and interactive, allowing employees to ask questions and interact as they gain valuable skills to make family and personal wellness a priority. Click below to learn more about our programs!

learn Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness techniques online!

Our webinars teach valuable Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness techniques in short, digestible sessions. Watch on your own time with our on-demand webinars, or join us for a live webinar!

On-Demand Webinars
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Learn to lead Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness sessions in the classroom, the clinical setting, or at home! Our quality training programs and valuable resources provide the skills and knowledge to confidently and safely adapt Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness to benefit children of all ages and abilities.

professional training

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explore our resources!

Pick from books, videos, flashcards, audio for guided breathing, and more to make learning healthy habits fun!

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