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  • Lisa Roberts

Welcome to 2023

As we move into new calendar year with the lunar new year rapidly approaching too, it's time to celebrate fresh beginnings. I had a massive cleaning and organizing spree over the weekend and it felt great to clear my space and prepare for new beginnings.

YoYo Yoga School will celebrate it's twelfth birthday this year, and when I reflect on the children, families and professionals I have connected with over this time, I feel very fortunate to have shared their journey exploring movement, meditation, and mindfulness. During this time I've published five books, fun and playful flashcards, and three guided breathing/relaxation albums. I've created and led professional development trainings, spoken at professional conferences, created an online webinar series, and developed a yoga alliance certification program rolling out very qualified children's yoga professionals who have all gone on to make a wonderful impact within their communities. Of course, my proudest accomplishment has been developing and leading a quality in-patient yoga therapy program at St. Louis Children's Hospital. My heart is very full, but it knows there is still more work to be done. So, I've made the decision to return to full-time study to expand my knowledge and explore new ways to help others thrive.

What does this mean for YoYo Yoga School? I will still be here! My knowledge, skills, and resources are something I plan to continue to develop and share. Stay tuned for Mindful Mini posts set to recommence weekly (and sometimes several times a week) on this blog and YoYo Yoga School's social media outlets (@yoyoyogaschool - instagram, facebook, and TikTok). I'll be publishing new digital resources in 2023 including downloadable handouts, flashcard decks, lesson plans, and MP3's, as well as posting new free video content to my YouTube channel.

Professional development trainings, corporate wellness seminars, and consulting services may be booked by contacting

Thank you for supporting YoYo Yoga School for 12 years. Here's to many more wonderful years supporting children, families, and professionals explore wellness through movement, meditation, and mindfulness skills.

Best wishes,

Lisa Roberts


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