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  • Lisa Roberts

Fidgety Fix

At times kids get fidgety, its normal! Often, kids simply don't know what to "do" with their bodies and this results in fidgety behavior. Did you know that mindful movement provides a structured set of movements that can help kids regulate excess energy and have more control of their bodies and how they feel? Well planned mindful movement sequences can also be fun and engaging for kids and include balance of sensory input to help kids feel organized and in control.

The following video is the perfect example of using mindful movement to fix a case of the fidgety-fidgets! Watch the video first and see if you notice the change?

Did you notice that my friend (and super-duper grandson) Jonah, was a little fidgety to begin with, but once he moved through just two rounds of warm up flow with me, he became a lot less fidgety? Can you imagine how calm and in control he would be if we completed more of these flows along with additional body movements, stretches, balancing poses, and breathing and meditation games? Follow along with your kiddos and notice how they respond.


Ready to learn more? Check out the following webinars:


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