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  • Lisa Roberts

Funny Bunny Breath

Easter is just around the corner, if your little bunnies are still feeling the effects of the winter blues and/or extended time at the computer due to distance learning this could be just the technique to them perked up and ready to usher in spring.

For your convenience, I've included written directions as well as a short instructional video in this post.

Hop to it, and have some fun with your kids.

Lisa Roberts xoxo


What is Funny Bunny Breath?

Funny-Bunny Breath (from Teach Your Child Meditation by Lisa Roberts, Sterling 2018) is an energizing breathing technique that will have tired, sluggish bunnies hopping around in no time! And it’s not just for kids, I highly recommend parents and caregivers to give it a whirl; you’ll find it’s better than coffee!

How does it help?

Funny Bunny Breath serves as a quick pick me up when you feel a little sluggish. The quick intake of oxygen revives the mind and body. Take care not to over-do it, begin with just 1-2 rounds of Funny Bunny Breath with breaking to breathe naturally in between. If you feel okay, slowly and incrementally build to up to 3-5 rounds of Funny Bunny Breath at time.

How do I do it?

  • Begin sitting on your knees, or if kneeling is uncomfortable sit crisscross on the floor or upright in a chair.

  • Clasp your hands together; release and extend your pointer fingers so they rest together to make a pointy carrot shape. This is your carrot.

  • Exhale fully through your mouth making an “aahh” sound until your lungs empty completely.

  • Close your mouth, bring your carrot toward your nose, and just like a bunny sniffing in a garden looking for carrots, take three quick inhalations through your nose.

  • Open your mouth and exhale fully with an, “aahh” sound like a happy bunny, so thrilled he found a delicious carrot to enjoy!

  • Notice how you feel. If you feel energized, you’re good to hop off and enjoy being a bunny. If you need a little more energy, try it again.

  • As you gain experience and become comfortable with this breathing technique, build to 3-5 rounds of Funny Bunny Breath per session as needed. Make sure you take little breaks in between to breathe naturally and notice how you feel. If you over-do it you may become dizzy and no-bunny wants to feel dizzy!

  • It’s very important to listen to your body and slowly build to a higher number of rounds when practicing any breathing technique.


Mindful Mini #50, Funny Bunny


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