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  • Lisa Roberts

Expand Your Knowledge in 2024

I've been practicing yoga for many years. One thing I have learned from years of practice and teaching is that a good practitioner expands their mind as much as the body. Last year I began releasing educational webinars for free on YouTube to support parents and those who work with children. Sharing my knowledge and experience to help others impact the wellbeing of kids all over the world fillls my heart with joy. I am so happy to continue sharing free resources and valuable educational videos via this platform in 2024.

To kick off this year Essential Elements Part IV will premier on my channel on January 8th (which happens to be a very special someone's 5th birthday).

And stay tuned, there will be more webinars and fun little kid-friendly short videos to come! I also plan to release my popular (color illustrated) handouts as digital donwloads on Teachers Pay Teachers, as well as release more of those fun and fabulous themed yoga card decks.

Happy and healthy 2024, let's make this the best one yet for kids health and wellbeing!


Lisa Roberts xoxox


Essential Elements Part IV: The Three C's

This 45 minute webinar covers Communication, Connection, and Class Management.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Self-manage verbal and non-verbal communication when working with children

  • Interpret verbal and non-verbal communication when working with children

  • Authentically connect with children and encourage open communication

  • Recognize the four styles of learning and demonstrate how Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness sessions may be structured to support all learning styles

  • Utilize effective communication methods to support a harmonious environment when working with groups


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