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  • Lisa Roberts

Flying Flag Breath

Breathing techniques for children are not always about finding a sense of calm. Just like adults children can feel tired and sluggish, or ansty with excess energy zooming around their little bodies; energizing breathing techniques can be helpful to put a pep in their step and/or burn off excess zoomies. This week’s technique, Flying Flag Breath, is a fun one to explore with the closing of the Olympics occurring next Sunday; as you play with your kids imagine all of the colorful flags at the closing ceremony representing the different countries that participated.

Don’t forget to check out the tips below; you can target calmness using this technique by simply changing the story. If you do want a more calming affect, simply blow on the scarf encouraging kids to be the gentlest of breezes!

As always, my methodology is designed for kids, but all of my mindful movement, breathing and meditation techniques benefit adults; be sure to play with your kids and experience the benefits for yourself as well.

Happy breathing!

Lisa Roberts xoxo


Flying Flag Breath

What is Flying Flag Breath and how does it help? Flying Flag Breath is an energizing breathing technique that can be used as a quick pick-me up when kids feel sluggish or tired. An added bonus of this technique: the rapid and consecutive exhales out of the nose actually engage and tone core abdominal muscles!

You will need:

· One silk scarf or square of soft fabric, per child

Simple steps:

· Begin in a comfortable seated position.

· Pinch the two top corners of your “flag” between your fingers and thumbs and hold it directly in front of your face.

· Relax your shoulders, and take a full, deep breath in.

· Exhale: strongly through your nose, creating a short burst of air to move your flag.

· Continue forcing short bursts of air out through your nose to keep your flag moving.

· Focus only on the exhale; your body will automatically inhale through the nose, you do not even need to think about inhaling.

· Practice for 5-10 breaths, lower your flag and breathe naturally.

· Did you notice your abdomen moving as you practiced Flying Flag Breath? How do you feel?


· As with all breathing exercises, start small and build to practice for a higher number of rounds of breath. Never practice more than 10 rounds of Flying Flag Breath at a time and take the time to evaluate how you feel after each practice – just one round can provide more than enough energy to make you feel great!

· Make it a relaxing technique! If this increases arousal levels too much and kids become excitable, simply ask them to gently blow on the scarf making it move in the gentlest of winds.

No scarf or fabric? No problem! Substitute with a Kleenex tissue.


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