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  • Lisa Roberts

Back-to-School Stress Busters

Where did summer go? All the kids in our family have gone back to school.... including this kid! Yes, I have officially started my Bachelor of Social Work program at Missouri State University, returning to school alongside my grandchildren. And trust me, I am using all of the valuable tips I have taught parents, teachers, and children over the years to remain relaxed, focused and tension free. Like this simple seated-at-the-desk stretch to release neck and shoulder tension. I recommend taking breaks and practicing this stretch throughout the day -- kids, teachers, adults -- it's for everyone!

And remember, if you're feeling extra back-to-school tension in your house, school, or office some of our valuable resources could be just what you need to find relief and learn some valuable, life-ling coping skills. Visit the YoYo Yoga School Store or our store at Teachers Pay Teachers for low-cost flashcards, handouts, books, MP3 recordings, and more! And always refer to this blog and YouTube channel for valuable free resources and tips.

Happy September!


Lisa Roberts


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