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  • Lisa Roberts

Colorful Printable Handouts for Parents, Pediatric Professionals, and Educators

The material that led to the creation of two of my books Breathe, Chill (previously published as Teach Your Child Meditation) and Breathe, Chill 2 were borne from handouts that I made for patients in the clinical setting. Providing handouts with simple instructions that explained the benefits of, as well as "how to" practice, the techniques my kiddos found helpful during their sessions with me encouraged them to practice on their own, empowered them to take charge of how they felt and how they responded in the hospital setting and beyond, and provided a helpful tool for parents and other providers involved in the child's care to support continuity of care.

My handouts continue to be a valuable resource at the pediatric hospital where I piloted a successful inpatient yoga-therapy program, and I believe, are an integral part of the program's success. I learned that this simple resource, a printed handout, can make the difference between a child finding a moment of relief during our session and a child building a vital toolbox of strategies that will help them cope beyond their session and beyond their hospitalization.

For this reason I have released every technique from my two books -- that's 160! -- in colorful, printable PDF handout formats for parents, pediatric professionals, and educators to access as a valuable resource to share with children.

There are plenty of options to purchase these. Pick and choose individual downloadable PDF's for just $1.00 each, or purchase a bundles based on your needs. Peruse them all via the links below and enjoy a free download to see a sample handout/technique.

Share the love by letting somebody you know who has or works with kids about this valuable resource.


Lisa Roberts xoxo


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