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  • Lisa Roberts

Dinosaur Fun

The dinosaurs are here and it’s time to ROAR! Grab your favorite kiddo(s) and a yoga mat, or chair, and have fun stretching, moving, breathing, and playing while learning about dinosaurs. I’ve posted two new dinosaur-themed MMM sessions to my YouTube channel this week, one to be practiced on a mat and the second adapted for a chair – think classroom and clinical settings and/or tight spaces.

As always, there is A LOT that can be done in the chair! My YouTube videos are kept very generic for safety reasons; if I can’t see the kids who are participating, I can’t safely adapt for their body! But I can teach you how to safely and confidently adapt Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness sessions that are inclusive and accessible for kids of all abilities. Please contact me directly to learn more about tailored in-person and virtual trainings for educators, pediatric professionals and parents.

In the meantime, enjoy this week’s free videos…. I want to hear you ROAR!

Lisa Roberts xoxo


Ready to learn more? Check out the following on-demand webinars:

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