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  • Lisa Roberts

Fun and Games: Oodles of Benefits!

Kids just want to have fun, and so do I! Play and joy were two of the biggest pulls when I decided to work with children, I seriously love what I do! I get to be creative and play while helping children explore their amazing bodies and learn vital health and wellness skills. What’s not to love? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, having fun fosters learning! This week’s post features a game from my book Teach Your Child Yoga. Check out the oodles of benefits this one game garners, and learn how to weave it into your movement, play, or therapy sessions with children.

Happy playing!

Lisa Roberts xoxo


The Wheelbarrow Game

Benefits: Bilateral coordination, motor planning, weight bearing, upper body and core strengthening, teamwork, communication, and cooperation.


• Create a wheelbarrow course by lining up yoga mats. Place items for your child to collect along the way—flash cards or something that kids can easily place in a pocket and bring back to the beginning of the course.

• After playing wheelbarrow, lead creative yoga-based poses or breathing techniques based on the items collected.

Simple Steps

  • Partner with a friend who is similar in height and decide who will start as the wheelbarrow and who will be the driver. Remember, you will switch and play both roles!

  • The wheelbarrow positions himself on all fours, and the driver stands behind him, facing forward.

  • The wheelbarrow lifts and straightens one leg at a time, and the driver takes a grip of each lower calf, just above the ankles, to support the wheelbarrow.

  • Work together to move around the room, or follow a course if one has been set! Wheelbarrows walk on the palms, and drivers walk behind.

  • Switch roles.

  • Once everybody has had a turn being the wheelbarrow, work with a partner or in small groups to create yoga poses based on the cards or items you collected along the way. Take turns leading the yoga poses with your peers.


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