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  • Lisa Roberts

Last Free Webinar of 2023

Woo! This year went way too fast for me. As we slide into the winter season I thought I would share one last free webinar for 2023 to help you build a stronger personal yoga practice, as well as learn strategies to integrate movement, meditation, and mindfulness with the kids you love. Remember, every technique or video that I post, and every book, flashcard deck, or recording I publish are designed for children, but truly benefit every body.

Stay tuned for some more winter wonderland love coming to your inbox in December, and more valuable educational resources in 2024.


Lisa Roberts

Essential Elements is a 45-minute webinar exploring how to correctly sequence Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness sessions to benefit children. Upon completion, participants will be able to: 1. Sequentially construct sessions to benefit children 2. Demonstrate the ability to utilize pacing and transitions to keep children engaged and grounded for the duration of each session 3. Identify methods to incorporate core sequencing elements -- breathing, centering and relaxation -- when planning sessions for children 4. Apply breathing and re-centering tools to redirect attention and energy levels as needed


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