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  • Lisa Roberts

Trick or Treat? Mindful Halloween Fun!

Trick or treat? How about some more Halloween-themed fun that’s totally free of sugar and really good for kids? You got it! This week’s post is a group activity that works well in a group setting such as a classroom. It can actually be practiced anytime of the year, but given the resulting “spider web” appearance it is certainly fitting during Halloween.

Have fun!

Lisa Roberts xoxo

P.S. In case you missed last week’s post, scroll to the very bottom of this post for links to two free, kid-approved MMM videos for Halloween.


Spooky Spiderweb of Love

BENEFITS: Awareness of self and of peers, compassion, empathy, unity, self-esteem, self-confidence.

You will need:

• Ball of wool or twine

• *One wooden craft stick per child (optional)

• Small groups of five or six children work best for this game, allowing each child to receive several compliments.

Simple Steps:

· Begin sitting in a circle and elect a “starter” person to hold the ball of wool.

· The starter wraps the end piece of wool loosely around his hand and holds onto it. He then rolls the ball of wool to another participant, along with a verbal compliment—for example, “Cindy, you are amazing at basketball.”

· The participant receiving the compliment loosely loops a section of twine around her hand before rolling ball to another participant, along with a verbal compliment, “John, you have a great smile.”

· Continue until a giant web appears.

*TIP: Give each child a craft stick to wrap the twine around each time they receive a compliment. The web can then be transferred to a wall as a creative and artful reminder of how wonderful each individual child is, and how connected they are as a group. Decorate the web with sticky notes highlighting the compliments each child received from his peers.


Ready to learn more? Check out the following on-demand webinars:



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