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  • Lisa Roberts

Bluey-themed Yoga Flashcards!

Get ready for a lifetime of fun, Bluey-themed adventures with your favorite Bluey fans. My Bluey themed yoga flashcards were created with ALL ages, abilities, and settings in mind. Each of the twenty characters featured in the deck are supported with multiple mindfulness and movement activities, meaning you can create a mini mindfulness session with just one character, or create an entire adventure (and stretching, moving, breathing experience) using an entire selection.

These are highly versatile, highly adaptable tools for working with children in all settings. I developed all of my flashcard decks while working in the clinical setting, and they were a wonderful way to engage kids with something they love with oodles, and oodles of healthy benefits.

Decks are available to purchase as a digital download. Simply print on card or paper stock of your choice, match the image and instruction side for each character and laminate -- this is critical! Laminating the cards protects them, makes them easy to clean and means they can truly last a very, very, long time.

I hope you love them! And if you don't have any Bluey fans in your care I have MANY more decks available, and will be adding more soon. Stay tuned.


Lisa Roberts



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