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  • Lisa Roberts

Brachiosaurus, Relax

I hope you enjoyed last week’s new dinosaur-themed videos. In case you missed them, I’ve posted the links below. This week, I’m sharing a dinosaur-themed guided relaxation, Brachiosaurs Relax. I offered an abridged version of this in the videos, but the script below goes into a lot more detail, allowing you to introduce the baby dinosaurs in your life to the art of progressive relaxation.

Happy relaxing!

Lisa Roberts xoxo

P.S. The following guided progressive relaxation is from my album Chill2 and can be purchased as a download for less than $1!


What is Brachiosaurus Relax and how does it help? Brachiosaurus Relax captures the imagination to engage your child in a fun, enchanting journey that explores his body as if it were a GIANT dinosaur, the Brachiosaurus. This guided, progressive relaxation technique supports body awareness and deep relaxation.

Simple steps:

Set Up

· Did you know that the largest known dinosaur was the Brachiosaurus? Weighing in at about 60 ton (that’s equal to approximately 650 people, wow!), the Brachiosaurus was ginormous.

· Today we are going to imagine that YOU are a Brachiosaurus and that you weigh 60 ton! Are you ready?

· Sit comfortably or lie on your back, make sure you are comfortable and supported.

Guided Meditation

· Let’s begin by taking a couple of DINOSAUR sized breaths.

· Inhale: Take an easy breath in, through your dinosaur nostrils

· Exhale: Open your dinosaur jaws, and let all the air out, haaaaaa!

· What a wonderful dinosaur you are! Let’s do it again!

· Inhale: Easy breath in, fill up your dinosaur lungs

· Exhale: Relaxing breath out, open your dinosaur jaws, haaaaaa!

· Last one. Inhale: breathe in, until your dinosaur belly expands

· Exhale: Breathe out, let go and relax your whole dinosaur body, haaaaaa!

· Imagine you are a dinosaur, relaxing after a busy day dinosauring around.

· Your body is big and heavy -- 60 ton! Ready to rest and relax, imagine your body sinking into the floor or chair beneath you. Don’t worry, it WILL support you!

· It is perfectly safe to allow your dinosaur to relax and let go, you are supported.

· Allow your dinosaur body to get so heavy it feels as though it could sink right through the floor or chair beneath you. Don’t worry, IT WON’T! You are safe to let go completely ,and simply imagine that you could.

· Feel your dinosaur head relax.

· Relax your dinosaur nostrils, imagine they weight 60 ton too!

· Relax your sharp dinosaur teeth, feel them soften inside your dinosaur mouth.

· Relax your dinosaur jaw; happy and relaxed dinosaur.

· Remember, you weigh 60 ton! Relax and sink into the floor or chair beneath you.

· You are heavy, but supported and relaxed.

· Melt your dinosaur shoulders and relax your dinosaur arms. Feel your dinosaur claws soften. Shoulders, arms and claws, are heavy and relaxed.

· Relax your dinosaur chest and feel your dinosaur belly soften. Your dinosaur is relaxed and heavy, fully supported.

· Sink deeper and deeper as your dinosaur relaxes more and more. 60-ton dinosaur, like 650 people, sinking and surrendering. Your whole body relaxes.

· Relax your dinosaur legs, feet and claws.

· Now, relax your dinosaur tail. Heavy and relaxed but supported.

· Relax your dinosaur skin; relax your dinosaur scales.

· Nice, relaxed dinosaur, sinking, surrendering; relaxing deeper and deeper with each dinosaur breath.

· Imagine you weigh 60 ton; Imagine your weigh as much as 650 people.

· Relax

· Relax

· Relax

· Just like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Brachiosaurus now has two names: Brachiosaurus Relax

· Imagine you weigh 60 ton

· Let go, Brachiosaurus, relax. Imagine you weigh as much as 650 people

· Relax, let go. Deeper and deeper with each dinosaur breath.

· Brachiosaurus relax, let go, let go, let go.


Ready to learn more? Check out the following on-demand webinars:


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