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  • Lisa Roberts

Elevator Ride

Most people spend an inordinate amount of time hunched over computers and devices; during the pandemic, it feels that screen time increased dramatically. Created for children, I can assure you that this week’s post is actually for everybody, not just your kids! Elevator Ride is a creative visualization I developed to teach children mindful breathing skills. Additionally, it supports excellent posture habits and can be used as a technique to let go of pesky thoughts! That’s a lot of mileage from one simple technique!

Breathe well, correct slumped tech-posture, and clear your mind. Now that's something we could all get into, right?

Happy mindful breathing and playing.

Lisa Roberts xoxo


Elevator Ride

Adapted from Teach Your Child Meditation by Lisa Roberts (Sterling 2018)

Simple steps:

  • Begin in a comfortable seated position, in easy pose (crisscross applesauce) or kneeling with your butt resting on the heels. Use props as needed for support and comfort.

  • Rest your hands on top of your thighs, gently close your eyes. Be sure your shoulders and elbows are relaxed.

  • Gently press your sit bones downward, almost as if you were using your bum to push the floor, chair, or your heels beneath it away.

  • Notice how this action aligns and lengthens your spine and you get a little bit taller.

  • Visualize your spine, running from your tailbone all of the way to the base of your skull. Imagine that your spine is an elevator shaft with an elevator cab that travels up and down your spine.

  • That elevator is powered by your breath.

  • Notice your inhale, or “in- breath” and feel the elevator rise from your tailbone, all the way to the top floor, your head.

  • As you breathe out, or exhale, feel the elevator travel back down your spine, all of the way to the basement, your tailbone.

  • Continue breathing this way for several rounds. Feel your spine lengthen as the elevator rises to top floor with each inhale.

  • Remain grounded and stable as the elevator lowers to the basement with each exhale.

  • Breathing in, feel your spine grow tall as the elevator smoothly travels to the top floor.

  • Breathing out, slowly and carefully lower the elevator back down your spine.

  • Whenever you reach the top floor you can place any unwanted feelings, worries, or concerns on the elevator and send them down with your next exhale. Imagine these getting off the elevator before you take your next inhale.

  • Continue for 2-3 minutes. Stay connected to your breath an posture to ensure everybody on the elevator enjoys a smooth and safe ride.

  • Return to normal breathing and sit with the eyes closed for a few moments, notice how centered and relaxed you feel.



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