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  • Lisa Roberts

Feeling Antsy? Shake, Shake, Shake it off with Milkshake

If your kids are still wound up from the excitement of the holiday or celebrated with a little too much apple pie or ice-cream, this week’s technique will help harness excess energy and silliness and provide a mindful outlet for it.

Happy moving, stretching and shaking.

Lisa Roberts xoxo


Milk Shake

Adapted from Teach Your Child Meditation by Lisa Roberts (Sterling 2018)

Milk Shake is a fun way to shake physical tension out of your body and harness and release any extra energy, anxiety, or antsy-ness you may be experiencing. Use milkshake when you need to get the sillies out so that you can feel peaceful, calm and still.

Simple steps:

  • First, imagine what ingredients you would like in your milkshake. You can put anything you like in it – as an example I will add banana, yogurt, and milk, but you can be creative and add anything you like to yours!

  • Imagine the top of your head is the top of a blender. Take an easy breath in and reach your arms up overhead, reaching for milk. Breathe out and gently lower your hands down to rest on the top of your head pouring the milk in your blender.

  • Repeat those steps, linking your movement to your breath, and add the yogurt.

  • Stretch both arms up overhead as you breathe in and connect your palms. As you breathe out, bend your body to the right making a banana shape. Breathe in as you bring your body back to center, arms still reaching up and palms connected. Breathe out, bending like a banana. Breathe in, come back to center, breathe out, lower your hands to your head to place the banana in the blender.

  • Gently pat the top of your head to be sure the lid is on and secure.

  • Turn the blender on and shake your milkshake! Shake your legs, shake your arms, wiggle your shoulders, and run on the spot. Shake-shake-shake your ingredients as fast as you can.

  • Slow your blender down, and control your body, making your movements gradually become slower and slower.

  • Lower down to the floor and relax, imagining your yummy milkshake is spreading out on the floor, like a puddle. A giant delicious puddle!

  • Relax as long as you like. When you feel ready to get up, don’t forget to drink your milkshake first, here’s how:

  • Stretch your body, reach your arms up overhead and point your toes, turning your body into a giant straw.

  • Breathe in, and as you feel your body expand, imagine it is filling up with that delicious milkshake you just made.

  • Breathe out and relax your entire body with a satisfied sigh, “aaaah”, how good did that taste? Repeat 2-3 times


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