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  • Lisa Roberts

Free Webinar!

I've just released the third webinar in my webinar series for FREE! Meditation for Active Kids explores meditation for active children. After watching this webinar you will be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of meditation for children

  • Determine core differences and benefits of active and reflective meditation techniques and the appropriate application of each when working with children

  • Identify a core set of developmentally appropriate practices to creatively engage children in meditation via play, games, crafts and active techniques

  • Effectively communicate the benefits of meditation to children and empower and educate children to actively participate in creating meditation “toolboxes” that meet unique and individual needs

For more valuable resources and tools to help you help the kids in your life, please visit the YoYo Yoga School store or contact me directly for recommendations.

Happy moving, stretching, breathing, playing. Mindfully, of course!

Lisa Roberts xo


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