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  • Lisa Roberts

Pumpkin Mandalas

This week we explore mandalas and delve into a little "outside of the box" creative thinking. Check out the following video and instruction sheet below for some inspiring ideas. Of course, with Halloween on our doorstep I highly recommend pumpkin mandalas like the one I made for this post (see below). Kids are focused while creating their masterpieces, and, of course, they'll have a special keepsake to use as a meditation tool beyond your session. I find that when kids create their own tools, they are more likely to use them again and again.

Happy creating!

Lisa Roberts xoxo


Mandala Magic with Lisa Roberts


Make your own Mandala

Get your creative juices flowing and make your own mandalas! Use your masterpiece for your own meditation practice, or gift them to friends and family!

You will need:

· Plain paper

· Pencil

· Sharpie (preferably black or blue)

· Colorful paints, crayons, pencils, or felt-tip pens

Simple Steps

· Begin by drawing a circle on your plain paper, you can trace around paper dinner plate to make a nice even circle.

· Using your pencil, create a design within the circle, it can be as intricate or simple as you wish to make it, but it must be symmetrical.

· Once you are happy with your final design, draw over the outline with sharpie to make it bolder.

· Color to complete your mandala or give it to a friend to color and use as a meditation tool.


Ready to learn more? Check out the following on-demand webinars:


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