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  • Lisa Roberts

Sharing the Love with a Free Webinar

Love doesn't cost a thing! Nor should access to quality resources to help you boost your child's wellbeing. This month's free webinar release on YouTube is scheduled for February 5th. Check it out... and while your there look for my fun and chair friendly Valentine themed session for kids!

And don't foget to share the love! Please share this blog and YouTube channel link with those in your personal and professional circles who have or work with kids. Healthy, happy kids = a happy and healthy future for all.


Lisa Roberts xoxoxo


Arts, Crafts, and Journaling is a 45 minute webinar that explores incorporating arts, crafts and journaling into Movement, Mindfulness, and Meditation (MMM) sessions for children. Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of incorporating arts and crafts and journaling into MMM sessions

  • Introduce age-appropriate projects that are relevant to MMM sessions

  • Implement arts, crafts and journaling as an expressive outlet for children and a means to empower and encourage children to continue practicing outside of their session


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