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  • Lisa Roberts

Stay Cool With Taco Tongue

Summer is almost here and as the mercury begins to rise it can be helpful to have some tricks up your sleeve to cool down. This week’s post features Taco Tongue, a breathing technique that has a cooling and soothing effect on the body; it can also lower temperamental heat when moods and attitudes get a little, err, fiery.

Most of all, you make a silly-faces, play, and have fun; nothing cools fire more than laughter.

Happy breathing, laughing, playing.

Lisa Roberts xoxox


Taco Tongue

Adapted from Teach Your Child Meditation by Lisa Roberts (Sterling 2018)

What is Taco Tongue?

While it certainly sounds silly, Taco Tongue is a breathing technique that has a cooling and calming effect on the body and nervous system. The long sides of the tongue curl inward to form a taco-like shape, hence, the name Taco Tongue.

How does it help? Think of a puppy panting after he has been running and playing. This is his way of cooling his body. Drawing cool air over his tongue, his body begins to cool down. Taco-Tongue is a breathing technique that follows a similar concept, drawing your breath over your tongue your body cools, like a puppy. Additionally, Taco-Tongue supports a calming response in your nervous system to cool negative feelings such as anxiety or anger. A s with many mindful breathing techniques, it is excellent for developing focus and concentration. Practice Taco-Tongue several times a day and you’ll be sharp, attentive, and cool as a cucumber… or should that be an avocado?

How do I do it?

  • Begin in a comfortable seated position, spine naturally erect, shoulders, arms, and face relaxed, hands resting in the lap.

  • Stick your tongue out and roll it into a straw shape (like a taco) by curling both sides up and inward.

  • Slowly breathe in through the straw-like shape your tongue has formed.

  • Once your inhale is complete, draw the tongue back into your mouth and close and relax both your mouth and your tongue.

  • Exhale slowly out of your nose.

  • Gradually build to practice 8-12 rounds of Taco Tongue per sitting.

Tip: If you are unable to curl your tongue lengthwise (that’s okay, many people are anatomically unable to do this) try the following instead:

  • Relax your jaw and your mouth; your mouth should open slightly.

  • Place the tip of your tongue behind your upper teeth.

  • Inhale slowly, drawing the air through the space between your teeth.

  • Once your inhale is complete, relax your tongue and close your mouth. Exhale through your nose.

  • Repeat, building to 8-12 rounds per sitting.


Taco Tongue Demonstration


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