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  • Lisa Roberts

Crafts and Mindfulness

Recently, I’ve featured several games that provide a host of developmental support and are certainly fun and engaging for children. This week I want to shine the spotlight on crafts. Just like games, crafting can be a fun and engaging activity for kids. Incorporating crafts in your session gives kids the opportunity to express themselves creatively, and the focus required of crafting is a practice of mindfulness in and of itself. Once creations are completed children have something tangible that they have invested their time and artistry to make, this gives a child a sense of empowerment and pride and encourages them to continue practicing the mindfulness or breathing activity on their own way beyond your session.

Have fun with it!

Lisa Roberts xoxo


Happy Breathing Beads

What Are Happy Breathing Beads and how do they help? Happy Breathing Beads are a creative tool that children can make and use to access mindful breathing and meditation skills on the go.

Step one: Make your Happy Breathing Beads

You will need:

· Beads (variety of colors and shapes)

· *Cord or twine to string beads

*Tip: Substitute twine for bangles! I use pony bangles from Oriental Trading, with ends that snap together, I find these are much easier for kids to handle wear.

Simple steps:

Step one: Make your Happy Breathing Beads

· Select three differently shaped and/or colored beads from your selection of beads.

· Assign a different colored or shaped bead to each of the following categories: inhale, exhale, and happy thought.

· It may be helpful to know that your “happy thought” bead represents something that makes you happy – this can be a word, your favorite color, a person, pet, place, or even a dream – anything that resonates with you and puts a smile on your face! You do not have to tell anybody what your happy thought is, and you are free to change it anytime you like.

· First, string the bead that represents your inhale, followed by the bead that represents your exhale.

· Continue following this pattern, stringing your beads with an inhale bead always followed by an exhale bead.

· Every now and then include the third bead, the one that represents your happy thought. Be sure to place this bead after an exhale bead and before an inhale bead.

· Once you have completed your beads, tie them off or add a clasp so that you can wear them.

· You now have a set of Happy Breathing Beads! So much more than a stylish accessory, you can carry your beads with you and use them anytime you want to feel centered, calm, and relaxed.

Step two: Use your Happy Breathing Beads

· Hold your beads in one hand and select a bead assigned “inhale” as your starting point.

· Using the index finger and thumb on your free hand gently and mindfully rotate the bead that represents your inhale. Breathe in: slowly spin the bead between your finger and thumb until you have completed your inhale.

· Move your fingers to the next bead, which should be your “exhale” bead. Breathe out: rotating the bead between your finger and thumb until your exhale is complete.

· Take your time and slowly move from one bead to the next, focusing on each breath as you do so.

· When you land on a “happy thought” bead, close your eyes, breathe normally and think of your happy thought. Relax and enjoy all of the feelings you associate with this one thing that makes you super happy.

· When you feel ready, move on to the next bead and continue connecting to you breath. Working your way along the string of beads enjoying each breath and basking in happy thoughts along the way.

· Once you reach the end of the beads, notice how you feel. Do you think another journey along your beads will help you feel even better? Go for it! Start over again and enjoy your breath and your happy thoughts. Or, if you’re feeling pretty good after just one round, wear your beads with pride knowing that they are there to help you feel this good anytime you need to.


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