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  • Lisa Roberts

New: Print your own Alphabet and Number Yoga Flashcards

My Alphabet and Numbers Yoga cards feature our super-cute characters using their bodies to create the shapes of letters and numbers. Both decks include suggested warm up exercises, breathing and centering techniques, as well as fun games to support kinesthetic learning, build communication and social skills, and support physical and mental health.

Available to purchase already printed and ready to use for a number of years, I have just released both decks to purchase as a digital download that you can print on paper or card-stock of your choice. I use photograph paper and laminate mine for years of use, what will you use?

Happy stretching, moving, playing, breathing, and learning!


Lisa Roberts


ABC cards: Each card in the deck features a letter from the alphabet and at least two additional practices that correlate with the letter. Suggested warmups and breathing techniques are included that tie into the theme, as well as instructions for fun games and learning activities utilizing the cards. Use yours to build communication and social skills, letter recognition, spelling, sight words, and much, much more!

Number cards: Who needs pens, notebooks, or calculators when kids can MOVE and play to learn math? Use your Number Yoga flashcards to teach the basics of numbers, counting, and value. Or, increase the challenge by introducing simple math problems and play games such as math Olympics. Deck includes individual number cards (0-9); common math symbols (add, subtract, multiply, divide, greater than, less than, equal, infinity); centering and warm-up suggestions; plus 11 fun games and activities for kids of all ages.

Digital download products are for personal use only: Upon purchase you will receive a PDF file of sides A and B, ready to print on paper or card-stock of your choice. Your purchase grants one non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive license to use the product you have downloaded. You agree not to copy, reproduce, redistribute, alter, modify, share with third-party, display the content publicly, or create derivative works of YoYo Yoga LLC Digital Products.

*Physical sets of the ABC and Number Yoga cards may also be ordered via the YoYo Yoga Store. All sales of YoYo Yoga LLC Digital Products are final: No refunds are allowed due to the immediate access and nature of digital products.

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