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  • Lisa Roberts

NEW! Print Your Own Lunar New Year Flashcard Deck

Get excited! My fun and highly adaptable Lunar New Year themed yoga flashcard deck is now available to purchase. Download instantly and print on paper or card stock of your choice and get ready for years of fun adventures with the children in your life.

The BEST thing about this deck -- aside from the high adaptability that makes them accessible for ALL children in all settings -- is that they can be used outside of Lunar New Year by simply switching to an animal theme.

ABOUT the deck: Get ready for a Lunar New Year adventure! Each card lists multiple yoga-based practices to capture your child's imagination and make learning about *Lunar New Year celebrations and the 12 different zodiac animals, playing yoga, and exploring mindfulness FUN! Create different experiences each time you play with the deck, and adapt to include all abilities and settings.

Deck includes suggested centering, warm-ups, games, and more!

Happy Year of the Dragon to you!


Lisa Roberts


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