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  • Lisa Roberts

Oh Bubbles!

Remember that feeling, armed with a straw and your favorite milk of choice (chocolate –duh!), when you realized you had the power to create your very own bubble fest? Chocolate bubbles tickled your nostrils as you giggled with wonderment and delight until mama swooped in, took your milk away, and told you to stop! WHAT?!!!!! It was dirty and uncouth. UN-WHO?!!!! Mamas and papas, it is time to listen up… and loosen up. Blowing Bubbles in Milk is one of the best –and most FUN—ways to teach your child how their breath works and how to make it work for them.

So grab some chocolate milk (you may notice my "milk" looks suspiciously like iced coffee, guilty as charged!) and have some fun exploring the breath with your kids.

Having bubble-making.

Lisa Roberts xoxo



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