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  • Lisa Roberts

Thanksgiving Fun


I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here! This week's post features a fun game that kids will gobble up. You'll start with a craft activity to make a flock (no stuffing required!) and segue into playful mindful breathing. These fun and fabulous little turkeys are sure to get a presidential pardon and remain a favorite year after year.

Happy turkey catching.

Lisa Roberts xoxo


Catch a Turkey

You will need:

· Large button

· Colorful feathers

· Glue

· Twine

· A minimum of three players

Simple steps:

Step one: Make your turkey! Glue two feathers to a button to make wings. Allow glue to dry completely before playing. (This could be a good time to practice some Gratitude MMM – be sure to check out next week’s post “Thanksgiving MMM” for ideas.)

Step two: Catch a Turkey

· Players one and two take on the role of trees and stand a few yards from each other holding a length of twine taught between them.

· Player number three places her “turkey” on the length of twine, by threading one end of the twine through a buttonhole.

· Player three becomes the wind; her role is to help the “turkey” to fly by gently and steadily blowing it from one tree (player one) to the other (player two).

· Try breathing in different ways and see which moves your bird better.

· Does a short, sharp burst-type of breath move your bird? Or, does a long and steady breath move it better?

· Notice how you feel when you are the wind. How do the different breathing styles make you feel?

· Remember, if the wind gets tired, the bird will never make it across to the other tree; it’s important to find a breath that moves the bird along without tiring you out!

· Switch roles until each player has played the wind and each tree has caught a bird.


Ready to learn more? Check out the following on-demand webinars:


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