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  • Lisa Roberts

Beanbag Basketball

Yes, I'm sticking with the sport theme this week as we gear up to back to school time and the fall sport season that follows shortly after. I know the Olympics are over, but those Olympic-sport themed Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness sessions I recently posted have longevity! Use them as inspiration to create summer sport themed sessions for your kids. And don't forget to include some fun sport-themed mindfulness games like the one featured below, Beanbag Basketball!

Have fun!

Lisa Roberts xoxo


Beanbag Basketball

What is Beanbag Basketball? Beanbag Basketball is a fun game that demonstrates the benefit of taking a moment to pause and center oneself prior to doing anything that is a little challenging or requires complete focus.

How does it help? When we really need to focus on something, like scoring the winning goal in a sport, the mind can go a little wild with commentary about concerns, fears, doubts and worry – and those thoughts distracting us from the task at hand! This game demonstrates how easy it is to simply take a moment to connect to the breath, quiet the mind, and focus. Who knows, your child may take this learning experience outside of the sports/game analogy and remember to practice it before studying, taking an exam, or making a presentation at school?!

You will need:

· 3x *markers – these are your baskets and each holds different point value: 1-point, 2-point, and 3-point

· 3x beanbags

· Painter’s tape or masking tape

Simple steps:

· Tape a line on floor using painter’s or masking tape

· Arrange markers (baskets) on the floor by point value as follows:

1-point: Relatively close and directly in front of taped line

2-point: Slightly off center and a little farther from taped line

3-point: Off-center and farthest from the taped line

· Stand behind the taped line with your three beanbags

· Toss one beanbag at a time toward the markers

· Calculate your total score before gathering up the beanbags

REPEAT using the Ready, BREATHE, Shoot! technique as follows:

1. Ready: Stand still, relax, and notice your breath coming in and out. Slow your breath down and be aware of each inhale and each exhale.

2. BREATHE: Focus on your target basket, and inhale steadily as you take aim.

3. Shoot!: Carefully toss your beanbag toward its target basket, exhaling steadily as you do so.

· Did you improve your score using this technique? Why do you think this happened? How do you feel?


· Making your own basketball markers is easy: Simply laminate postcard size images of basketball nets (clip-art is a good resource) with a point value written on each card (1, 2, and 3 points) per set.

· When working with large groups, create multiple sets so you can have several games going at one time.

· Use yoga mats as the “court” - place markers along the yoga mat and use short edge of the mat as the “line”.

· You do not have to use a basketball theme for this game! It can simply be any toss game from ring toss to cornhole games. Be sure to demonstrate the Ready, BREATHE, Shoot! three-step process AFTER the kids have played it at least once without the instruction so they have a baseline and truly experience the difference when using the breath to focus.


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