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  • Lisa Roberts

Dinosaur-size Fun

Get ready for some dinosaur-sized fun with Giganotosaurus-sized benefits for your kids! I've just released my super fun dinosaur-themed movement, meditation, and mindfulness deck as a downloadable print-your-own digital option to purchase.

Print on card or paper stock of your choice, and enjoy creative, adaptable and accessible adventures for years to come -- for kids of all abilities and in all settings.

The deck includes suggested (and themed) centering techniques, warm ups, guided meditation/relaxation, and games. Each card in the deck includes multiple yoga-based practices to choose from (see sample card below) -- meaning you can enjoy a different experience each time you play. And, there will always be something that is suitable for the child/setting you are working in (think classroom, hospital, office, or home setting).

All of my decks have been created following years of working with children of all abilities in the clinical setting -- and they work! The kids love them! They are incredibly engaging, and encourage movement, learning, coping skills, and just plain fun.

Click the link below and check them out! You won't regret adding a set or two to your resource collection!

With love,

Lisa Roberts


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