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  • Lisa Roberts

Thanksgiving Activity for Kids

Enjoy this fun craft and breathing activity with your kids, or the kids you work with, for Thanksgiving! It's called Bird on a String, and can be played year round, I switch the name of the game to Catch a Turkey during the Thanksgiving period, but whatever you choose to call it, the benefits and fun remain the same.

Happy breathing and playing!


Lisa Roberts


BIRD ON A STRING What is Bird on a String? Bird on a String is a group activity that combines a craft with a mindful breathing game. How does it help? Kids have the power of the wind within them, and this game encourages children to explore that power. Unlike winds that move trees on a windy day, kids learn how to have complete control of their breath, and how they feel, by changing the way that they breathe.

You will need: Large button (1 per child) Colorful feathers Glue Twine A minimum of three players

Simple steps: Step one: Make your bird! Glue two feathers to a button to make wings. Allow the glue to dry completely before playing.

Step two: Play Bird on a String. 1. Players one and two take on the role of trees and stand a few yards from each other holding a length of twine taught between them. 2. Player number three threads one end of the twine through a buttonhole to place her “bird” on the string. 3. Player three becomes the wind. Her role is to help the “bird” fly by carefully blowing it from one tree (player one) to the other (player two). 4. Breathe in different ways and see which type of breath helps your bird to move better. 5. Does a short, sharp burst of breath move your bird? Or is a long and steady breath better? 6. Notice how you feel when you are the wind. How does each breathing style make you feel? 7. Remember, if the wind gets tired, the bird will never make it to the other tree. It’s important to find a breath that moves the bird without tiring you out!

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