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  • Lisa Roberts

Winter Wonderland

It's that time of year once again, holiday season! No matter how you celebrate, I am sure you will agree it is a time for reflection, love, gratitude, giving, and forgiving. Of course, as winter arrives on our doorstep and the days get shorter and weather becomes cooler, it's time to retreat inside and stretch, move, breathe, and play together.

This weeks post features two full length, kid-friendly, Winter Wonderland-themed mindful movement and breathing sessions for kids: One for the mat and one for a chair (perfect for classrooms, clinics, or small spaces).

If you're still looking for gift ideas, scroll down for mindful gift ideas for kids, parents, pediatric professionals, and educators! Please note: orders of physical items (books, flashcards) directly from the YoYo Yoga School website must be completed prior to December 10th to ensure delivery! Of course on-demand educational webinars and MP3 downloads can be ordered anytime. And books may be ordered from or your favorite bookstore.

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday season.


Lisa Roberts xoxo



Give the Gift of Learning

On-demand webinars: Learn the art of teaching children and teens movement, meditation, and mindfulness! Select from thirty bite-sized webinars led by Lisa Roberts that target your needs. Each runs from 45-90mins and cost only $9.99-$14.99 each. Way less than a single yoga class and soooooo much knowledge from an expert in the field of pediatric mindfulness and yoga.


Newly released in kindle format! Lisa Roberts' popular story book is so much more than a lesson that teaches children to love and appreciate who they are, "The Mountain That Longed To Be Different," can be used to creatively teach kids mindful movement. In addition to the charming pictures and story, beautifully illustrated instructional pages demonstrate kid-friendly yoga-based poses, allowing readers to build on the story and create a different experience each and every time the book is read.


BOGO Offer! Buy a copy of Teach Your Child Yoga from the YoYo Yoga School online store and receive a free copy of Teach Your Child Meditation.

Note: This offer is only available at YoYo Yoga School now through Dec 10th.

Visit YoYo Yoga School for more gift ideas!

Guided Mindful Breathing and Relaxation Mp3's, Flashcards; Books, Videos, and more!


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